Design Engineering

Okay, you know what you want. You know what it should look like. But you have no idea how to build a model of it. Oh, and you need it ASAP.

Deco's design engineering speaks your language. Using advanced Pro/E® and AutoCAD® software, we can create a prototype to your exact specifications. And don't worry, our design engineering team we'll get it done on your deadline.

Design Engineering Case Studies

  • Deco Helps Mining Company Find Safe and Ergonomic Solution to Production Line Challenge


    A mining company needed to be able to install different size motor grader drive shafts on the production line. The largest shaft weighs 85 lbs. and space under the grader is very limited, so workers cannot safely and ergonomically install them without help.

    Design Engineering Solution

    Deco's design engineering produced a wheeled pneumatic jack with a custom cradle to hold the drive shaft securely. With space limitations and the need to remove a trip hazard, Deco designed this jack to be self contained. The first shift worker simply fills the reservoir tanks at the start of the shift and the jack has enough air to last through three shifts. All this in an 18" x 20" footprint.

  • Deco Designs Multipurpose Lifting Device for Mining Equipment Manufacturer


    A manufacturer of large mining equipment needed to be able to repeatedly and precisely mount key truck components. This was going to require one lifting device for several different part models.

    Design Engineering Solution

    Deco traveled to the plant and spent time talking with workers and process engineers. We discovered everyone's hopes and concerns, and our design engineers looked forward to providing a solution. The customer sent Deco 3-D models of the entire process, and in four weeks Deco delivered a finished lifting device.

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