Custom Metal Fabrication

For all your custom metal fabrication needs - from a typical job to an intricate prototype - Deco gets the job done. With metal plasma cutting and precision welding services (mig and tig) on site, our certified welders use your specs to determine the exact type and amount of metal required. Then we design, measure, cut, shape, and fasten metal together to make custom steel products.

Got a job you want to keep under your roof? Deco has portable fabrication equipment that lets us bring our expertise to you.

Custom Metal Fabrication Case Studies

  • Large Manufacturer Calls on Deco to Move 37,000 Lb. Component


    A large manufacturer needs to move a 37,000 lb. component. They have tried different ways to perform this task five times a day safely and securely. The biggest obstacle is the narrow aisle ways in the plant.

    Custom Metal Fabrication Solution

    Deco implemented its metal fabrication capabilities to design and produce a large four-wheel steer trailer that can be pulled by an existing tugger. Plus, the trailer can be pulled from either end.

  • Deco Helps Assembly Line Make the Most of Its Space


    Assembly line workers have so many platforms and ladders in the area they are having a hard time finding room to perform the work needed.

    Custom Metal Fabrication Solution

    Using our custom metal fabrication skills, Deco designed and provided a series of work platform ladders that are universal for each area. We accomplished this by using a hydraulic lift mounted on air bearings or air casters. The platforms on the lift varied from 5' to 12'. In order for the worker to use the platform Deco designed custom adjustable stairs. The stairs were built into each platform, so whether the platform is up, down, or somewhere in the middle, the workers can still go in and out of the platforms. Dual lift controls were mounted on the platform handrail and at the base of the stairs. Controls for the air bearings were placed at the base of the platform.
    Overall footprint dimensions:
    4' x 6' smallest
    8 1/2' x 14' largest

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