Anchor Bolts

A193-B7 stud material at regular price upon request


At Deco, we made our name on our Heavy-Duty Adjustable Anchor Bolts. An innovation in anchoring heavy equipment, Deco Anchor Bolts use a floating nut system that provides sufficient clearance for adjusting the nut up to 1/2 inch from the center after concrete has set.

And they're backed by strong, resilient studs and couplings that stand up to rough manufacturing environments. From threaded materials to hook bolts and hex nuts, our products are machined from mill-tested, stress-proof, cold-rolled steel with a minimum tensile strength of 115,000 psi and a yield strength of 100,000 psi. So your equipment isn't going anywhere.

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Deco Heavy Duty Adjustable Anchor Bolts
Three-Step Installation

1. Using centering washers, suspend anchors from wooden frames at points approximating machinery bolt holes.

2. Tackweld reinforcing bar to sides and top of anchor base as shown. Pour flooring around anchors, totally embedding them. After frames are removed, insert protective washers until ready to install machinery.

3. Slide machinery over anchor (no lifting is required) and adjust floating nut to align with mounting hole on machine. Insert fastening stud into place and tighten down.

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